Our wards

People Warmth of Heats NPO helps.

Georg Komkov

Georg has a rare genetic disorder called DiGeorge syndrome. This is a congenital immunodeficiency condition characterized by malformed organs. Several times a year Zhora goes to the Bekhtereva Institute of the Human Brain, where he gets the necessary treatment.

Nastya Knyazeva


Nastya from Sillamäe has a rare genetic disease called achondroplasia. The disease is characterized by disproportionate limb development. To eliminate the body disproportion, a series of surgeries is required to lengthen her arms and legs.

Organizations Warmth of Heats NPO helps

Lootus Orphanage

Since July 1996, the orphanage has been operating in Sillamäe at the Lootus Child Welfare Institution (Laste Hooldekande Asutus Lootus, address: Gagarini 7, Sillamäe), the goal of which is to help children from asocial or financially disadvantaged families.

MTÜ Nagu Sina


Tallinn Children’s Hospital

Thanks to the joint work of Warmth of Hearts NGO and the Tallinn Children’s Hospital Support Fund, several projects have been created and charitable assistance has been provided to children in the hospital.

Mothers of Children With Special Needs

Warmth of Hearts NPO supports mothers of children with special needs by arranging entertaining events for them, such as the now traditional The Day of Beauty, or providing various types of assistance.

Association of Estonian Unions of Disabled Women

Association of Estonian Unions of Disabled Women / Eesti Puuetega Naiste Ühenduste Liit (EPNÜL)

Petting Zoo & Animal Shelter

Kukeharja, Vaivina, Ida-Virumaa

For 5 years now, Ksenia Klochkova has been saving horses and helping other animals that need a new home.

Low-Income, Multi-Child Families

Warmth of Hearts NPO provides material, clothing and food assistance to broken low-income, multi-child families.

How to Help

Helping is easy!

You can help those in need in different ways: by wire transfer, partnership with the Foundation, organizational and technical assistance, volunteering or just through your care and indifference. What is most important is not to stay indifferent to other people in trouble.


You can transfer money to the bank account of Warmth of Hearts NPO or make a direct payment order and thus regularly transfer the amount you specified.

How to Get Help

Do you need help?

The Foundation helps various people who have experienced tough trials in their lives. Contact the Foundation if you need help. 

The Warmth of Hearts Charitable Foundation (MTÜ Südamete Soojus) was created in 2014 to help those in need and brings together those who want to help and those who need help.  

All projects of the Foundation are aimed at helping their wards. Our charitable activities are mainly devoted to arranging educational events and trips for children from the Lootus Orphanage (Sillamäe, Estonia).


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